Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mare Viva, Living Water...Portuguese Red

How can I not begin this vignette without making a reference to "Water into Wine." Many Christians believe that He is living water, cool refreshing water. So it is with the Portuguese and their 1,000+ years at perfecting wine.  I salute you all with a glass of Mare Viva red wine. Smooth, with a little bite, yet, flavorful, subtle buttery taste, intermingled with fruit and closing with a nice dry finish.
This is one of my acquisitions through Splash Wines a fun family operation that believes in sharing what their family has come to love after many years in the business. What better way to toast with people around the world than vicariously through an online wine distribution, service? I look forward to bringing you more of my Splash collection in coming "vignettes." 
“his lips drink water, but his heart drinks wine” 

― e.e. cummings     

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